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License search

Find a missing person

Business background check

Court record search

Telephone record search

Asset search

Other searches

Alive & well check

Day care background check

Roomate background check

Nanny & daycare provider background check

Pre-marital background check

Pre-services background check

Cold case investigation

Process service

Hard drive data retrieval

Video surveillance

Witness interview

Pre-employment screening & verification

Accident scene investigation

Patent & antitrust investigation

Skip tracing

Child custody & child support investigation

Insurance fraud investigation

Internal theft investigation

Personal protection services

Mortgage fraud investigation

Employment verification

Occupancy verification

Foreclosure sales


Many successfully resolved cases such as a pre-marital screening often involve an asset search. Would you like to learn about our license search services?

When you need answers, look no further than Damron Investigations. Contact Damron Investigations of Michigan when you need discreet, professional investigation services.


•License search
•Find a person
•Counter-surveillance & listening device removal
•Business background
•Corporate espionage
•Court record search
•Telephone search
•Asset Search
•Other types of searches
•Alive & well checks
•Day care background
•Roomate background
•Nanny background
•Pre-marital background
•Pre-services background
•Cold case investigation
•Criminal record search
•Process service
•Hard drive data retrieval
•Video surveillance - spousal/other
•Witness interviews/Recorded statements
•Pre-employment screening with background investigation
•Accident scene investigation
•Patent & antitrust investigation
•Skip tracing
•Child custody/child support
•Insurance fraud
•Internal theft
•Personal protection
•Mortgage fraud investigation
•Employment verification
•Occupancy verification
•Foreclosure sales
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