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Damron Investigations of Michigan offers alive & well checks. Ensure a loved one is safe & sound.


Alive & Well checks from Damron Investigations of MichiganDamron Investigations of Michigan offers a number of services designed to give you peace of mind!

When you need answers, contact Damron Investigations.

From across the nation you can have one of our private investigators check on the well being of a friend, loved one, a family member, or sick parent.

Many times the local Police are overburdened with radio calls, and it may take several hours or possibly an entire day in some instances to respond. Can you really afford to wait anxiously for news about a loved one? We will consider all reasonable and legal requests.

Just some of the circumstances for an alive & well check could include:    

  • In home environment concerns
  • Nursing home care
  • Children attending colleges or camps requiring emergency contact
  • Unanswered phone response for a short, or extended period of time   


When you need peace of mind, look to Damron Investigations. Contact Damron Investigations of Michigan to learn about our full list of investigative services.


•License search
•Find a person
•Counter-surveillance & listening device removal
•Business background
•Corporate espionage
•Court record search
•Telephone search
•Asset Search
•Other types of searches
•Alive & well checks
•Day care background
•Roomate background
•Nanny background
•Pre-marital background
•Pre-services background
•Cold case investigation
•Criminal record search
•Process service
•Hard drive data retrieval
•Video surveillance - spousal/other
•Witness interviews/Recorded statements
•Pre-employment screening with background investigation
•Accident scene investigation
•Patent & antitrust investigation
•Skip tracing
•Child custody/child support
•Insurance fraud
•Internal theft
•Personal protection
•Mortgage fraud investigation
•Employment verification
•Occupancy verification
•Foreclosure sales
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