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Damron Investigations of Michigan provides the background information you need prior to hiring a service provider


Company background checks by Damron InvestigationsDamron Investigations of Michigan uses state of the art investigation methods, techniques & tools to ensure our clients the best information available. We always provide excellent customer service and the utmost discretion.

Before you hire any service company, handyman or service person; get the background information you need!

Many people take for granted that when they hire a company or person to provide a service such as plumbing, lawn care, electrical work, painting or any other such service that a shiny truck with a reputable looking logo means that they are contracting an honest person or company. That is simply not the case!

Many people pick up the phone to have a company provide some type of professional service, and yet we know nothing or very little about that company or the third party companies they contract to. Many people are willing to entrust hundreds if not thousands of hard-earned dollar to their services without knowing anything about their credentials.

The better business bureau is a reliable source, however, by the time the BBB learns of substandard workmanship, price gouging, dishonesty or worse --it is usually too late! Remember, not every poorly treated customer complains, nor is every situation reported. At Damron Investigations we provide an inexpensive background check that may save you thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money.

Before you make the decision to hire a service company, and certainly before deciding to provide access to your home, you need background information.

Damron Investigations of Michigan provides all the investigative services you need.

Our 25+ years of professional investigation experience coupled with our resources & cutting edge investigative techniques ensures that our clients get the results they need.

You might also want to consider our business background service . Would you like to learn about obtaining information on a business background ?

When you need answers, look no further than Damron Investigations. Contact Damron Investigations of Michigan when you need discreet, professional investigation services.


•License search
•Find a person
•Counter-surveillance & listening device removal
•Business background
•Corporate espionage
•Court record search
•Telephone search
•Asset Search
•Other types of searches
•Alive & well checks
•Day care background
•Roomate background
•Nanny background
•Pre-marital background
•Pre-services background
•Cold case investigation
•Criminal record search
•Process service
•Hard drive data retrieval
•Video surveillance - spousal/other
•Witness interviews/Recorded statements
•Pre-employment screening with background investigation
•Accident scene investigation
•Patent & antitrust investigation
•Skip tracing
•Child custody/child support
•Insurance fraud
•Internal theft
•Personal protection
•Mortgage fraud investigation
•Employment verification
•Occupancy verification
•Foreclosure sales
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