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Damron Investigations of Michigan provides detailed child custody & child support investigations


Child custody & child support investigations from Damron Investigations of MichiganWith todays family stress, the divorce rate is rampant. Todays litigious society only helps to compound the already devistating issues surrounding a divorce.

Divorce is tragic enough without the reality of child custody and child support issues to further compound the matter. While many divorced adults are able to come to an amicable agreement about child care, support & custody issues -- many do not; and that is where Damron Investigations can help.

With your best interest in mind, we are happy to undertake an investigation to help resolve your child support issues! If you find yourself trying to chase down a deadbeat parent, we can help.

Are you concerned about the quality of child care being provided by your former spouse?

Damron Investigations can put together a comprehensive investigation to gather the information you need during a child custody hearing. You cant afford to leave your childs well being to chance.

Contact Damron Investigations now for all of your child support & child custody investigation needs.

Many child support investigations involve a detailed video surveillance. Would you like to learn more about our video surveillance services?

We have access to the most comprehensive information available. . Contact Damron Investigations of Michigan when you need to know!

•License search
•Find a person
•Counter-surveillance & listening device removal
•Business background
•Corporate espionage
•Court record search
•Telephone search
•Asset Search
•Other types of searches
•Alive & well checks
•Day care background
•Roomate background
•Nanny background
•Pre-marital background
•Pre-services background
•Cold case investigation
•Criminal record search
•Process service
•Hard drive data retrieval
•Video surveillance - spousal/other
•Witness interviews/Recorded statements
•Pre-employment screening with background investigation
•Accident scene investigation
•Patent & antitrust investigation
•Skip tracing
•Child custody/child support
•Insurance fraud
•Internal theft
•Personal protection
•Mortgage fraud investigation
•Employment verification
•Occupancy verification
•Foreclosure sales
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